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ASL Marine is a vertically-integrated marine services group principally engaged in shipbuilding, shiprepair and conversion, marine vessel chartering, marine engineering and other related services, catering to customers worldwide.

Listed on Singapore Stock Exchange since 2003, ASL Marine Holdings Ltd. has over the years grown into one of the region’s key players in the marine services sector. ASL Marine Holdings Ltd. is a vertically-integrated marine services group principally engaged in shipbuilding, shiprepair and conversion, shipchartering, engineering and other marine related services, catering to customers mainly from Asia Pacific, South Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

The Group started operations as a trader of scrapped steel material in 1974, and subsequently rode on the 1980s construction sector boom by undertaking building construction works.

Guided by its vision to be a leading player in the marine sector, the Group undertook ship-breaking activities in 1986 before venturing into shipbuilding and shiprepair. It successfully constructed its first barge and tug in 1988 and 1990 respectively. In 1989, the Group extended its vertically integrated capabilities by providing charter of tugs and barges and other marine logistics services.

Headquartered and listed in Singapore since 17 March 2003, ASL Marine owns and operates shipyards in Singapore, Batam (Indonesia) and Guangdong (China), providing a comprehensive range of marine engineering services spanning myriad sectors/ industries. The Group’s 300,000 dwt graving dry dock in Batam is one of the few docks in the region capable of repairing Capesize vessels. It has a young fleet of vessels comprising barges, towing tugs, Anchor Handling Tugs, Anchor Handling Towing/ Supply vessels and other vessels for its shipchartering operation.

ASL Marine added engineering segment to its business model after the acquisition of VOSTA LMG group. VOSTA LMG is a leading international dredging engineering and contracting company with more than 140 years of history in providing specialised and tailor-made solutions to the world’s dredging industry. VOSTA LMG designs, provides specialist parts to, and manages the construction of large custom-built or standard, self-propelled or stationary dredgers. VOSTA LMG’s strength in design allows it to convert, refit and upgrade existing dredgers. VOSTA LMG also provides inspection, training, management and advisory services to clients all over the world.